Integrador de Soluciones Tecnológicas SAS, provides services for the implementation of solutions in the areas of optimization and automation of industrial processes, for which it has commercial relations and technical cooperation with world leaders in these areas of technology:

Ø  Advanced Process Control (APC).

Ø  Simulation and Optimization of Industrial Processes.

Ø  Mass  Balance, Reconciliation and accounting.

Ø  Plant Information Management Systems.

Ø  Inventory and Movement Management.

Ø  Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Ø  Asset Performance Management System (APM).

Ø  Product Life Cycle Management Systems / Active (PLM)

Ø  Supply Chain Management (Planning / Scheduling).

Ø  Product Blending Management Systems.

Ø  Energy Management Systems.

Ø  Industrial Internet of Things Solutions (IIoT).

Ø  Integration Solution for Software Applications.

Ø  Security Instrumented Systems (SIS).

Ø  Design, Configuration, Update and Integration Solutions for Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and SCADA.